Made a comic for my calligraphy class final project. 

15-XP Penalty

Future Games


Drawn for week 2 homework assignment from Ivan Brunetti’s Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice

Airport sushi butts ✈🍣🍑 (at O’Hare International Airport (ORD))

When I lived with roommates we always had a weird collection of bath products in the shower. They were mostly empty bottles because people forgot to throw them out.

Some mornings I’d be half-asleep and find myself reading the back of the bottles. The practically discontinued Men’s Zone products were the best.

They were Walgreen’s attempt to tap into the men’s bath product market that Axe specializes in, but instead of overtly sexual marketing copy they used somewhat ambiguous phrases about how guys are tough and always win. And the product line was just called Men’s Zone.

Men’s Zone “Total Care for Men” products are available online through fine retailers such as eBay.

Tip: I would not recommend using a $30 refurbished Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet to sketch anything on a computer. 


  • Jake: oh dope
  • destroyer is on tour
  • me: oh nice
  • SAX
  • me: haha
  • you're on fire with those
  • Jake: thx bro
  • me: gonna regret it tho
  • my tumblr is just gonna be you making sax jokes from now on
  • Jake: Everything You Wanted to Know About Sax But Were Afraid to Tumbl


  • Jake: yeah it's like polyphonic spree but not as culty
  • and less like, french horn and more synth
  • me: yeah and more sax
  • Jake: never 2 much sax
  • me: luv sax
  • Jake: Blow Me: A Journey Through Sax by Carlos Bergfeld

I got the flu or something this week, so I watched the whole first series of Downton Abbey. Yeah, I know everybody else has seen it, but it’s so good! Sorry for making Laura Linney look like Chelsea Clinton.

Dear Mom!

attack the block


awesome movie

Fuck yes.

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